The Federal WPS program is designed to reduce the risk of ag chemical exposure for all people engaged in any aspect of plant production. The UW-Madison and CALS are responsible for complying with the WPS requirements and furnishes employees with protection measures. This includes the Ag Research Stations Department providing the required WPS Safety Training specifically for greenhouse and/or field conditions.

To receive Field WPS Training, contact Jeff Breuer, Assistant Superintendent Arlington ARS & Safety Director,, 608-846-3761 ext 103 and Dwight Mueller, ARS Director,, 608-846-3750 ext 1.

To receive either the Field and/ or Greenhouse WPS Training, contact Lynn Hummel,, Isaac Kabera, or Deena Patterson, at the Walnut Street Greenhouses or by calling 608-265-8053.

Employees who have completed and hold a valid Wisconsin pesticide applicators certificate or license have concurrently met the WPS training requirements. However, the WPS training does not meet the chemical applicators training requirements. For more information on how to obtain a chemical applicators certificate or license, please contact the UW-Extension Pesticide Applicators Training Program at 608-262-7588 or

For additional information, please see the ARS policy statement on Complying with the Federal Worker Protection Standard for Ag Chemicals, 5/25/10.