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ARS 2014 Field Days

Hancock-October 29 & 30

Potato Variety Harvest Expo 2014 8:00am-4:30pm

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Our ARS Headquarters Administration Office

N695 Hopkins Road

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Where Good Ideas Grow

They used to be called “experiment farms” but that term no longer conveys the breadth of activities at the Agricultural Research Stations. They are outdoor laboratories, classrooms, and education centers, used by scientists and students studying the biological and social sciences, natural resources, and, of course, the agricultural sciences.

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If every part of Wisconsin were alike, one agricultural research station might be enough. But Wisconsin's landscape offers endless variety. Take a short drive in any direction and you'll see dramatic changes in soil, slope, vegetation, wildlife and climate. This diversity makes for great scenery, but it complicates research. To help all Wisconsin farmers and others who depend on the state's natural resources, scientists must work in all parts of Wisconsin. That's why the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
has Agricultural Research Stations throughout the state. Researchers can try
new ideas under a variety of conditions. And every station can focus on the
needs of its area.



A Quick Look at the Agricultural Research Stations