Researchers, students and Madison-area residents

all find the convenient location of the West Madison Ag Research Station ideal. Being only eight miles from the UW-Madison campus, the station is accessible to researchers who need to visit their plots on an almost daily basis. It's also convenient for students, who can get to and from the station without disrupting their class schedules. Being close to Madison-area communities makes it a highly suitable place for tours, evening walks and demonstrations of interest to home gardeners. The display and demonstration garden is a big draw to the public throughout the summer.

The station is currently being used by several disciplines in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Although there are no livestock at the West Madison Ag Research Station, the station does produce and store forage and feed and provides manure management and animal hauling services for the livestock herds on campus.¬†Agronomist and geneticists use the facility for trials involving breeding of field Arial viewcorn, sweet corn and small grains. Agricultural engineers find the station convenient for running prototype equipment under field conditions. Plant pathologists and entomologists perform research on an extensive array of crops.  Horticulturists conduct vegetable breeding experiments and perennial fruit crop trials. The display gardens showcase a collection of annual and perennial ornamentals, the newest varieties of vegetables, and several fruits including apples, blueberries, raspberries, as well as a rare collection of cold-hardy seedless table grapes. The gardens are well-signed for self-guided tours and open daily from dusk to dawn.