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The Marshfield Ag Research Station...

 We started just over 100 years ago in Marshfield, WI.  Those early professors and scientists had made a promise to start something great.  A program that would benefit all area farmers.

  Today that vision has global influence with the Marshfield Ag Research Station operating 1,250 acres of land, providing support networks for University of Wisconsin faculty research, the UW-Integrated Dairy, the Institute for Environmentally Integrated Dairy Management and the UW Soil and Forage Analysis Laboratory.  The Marshfield Ag Research Station is still home for local agricultural producers in Central Wisconsin but research findings also fill the wires of the worldwide web making the research done here available to all those in search of improving their production and land management...enhancing the Wisconsin Idea.


Hot Topics in the news brewed by the Marshfield Ag Research Station.

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