Welcome to the Walnut Street Greenhouse

The CALS Greenhouses operate under the CALS Centralized Greenhouse Management System.  Greenhouse users are expected to follow the Research Policies and Procedures.

CALS Greenhouses include:

Walnut Street Greenhouse (WSGH), 525 N. Walnut Street, is a research complex of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) consisting of a greenhouse facility complete with one growth chamber and two walk-in coolers, along with additional outdoor coldframe space. The greenhouse has 71 individual houses of varying size, providing 14,600 square feet of bench space under glass, of which 9000 square feet is air conditioned space. The 53 coldframes furnish an additional 3,800 square feet of space dedicated to plant research.

A greenhouse brightly lit in the early evening of a winter night, as viewed from above. the Walnut Street Greenhouse viewed from above on a winter day

Soils (King Hall) Greenhouse complex, 1525 Observatory Drive, is a research complex of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and consists of four gutter connected "A frame" greenhouses and a small headhouse. The greenhouses have 2,000 square feet under glass, of which about 1200 square feet is bench space. All four greenhouses are air conditioned.  From January to March, the first of these greenhouses is used as instructional space for the Soils 326 course.

a view of the two King Hall greenhouses, from their Western end.  the King Hall greenhouse complex, viewed from the side.

West Madison Greenhouses are located at 8502 Mineral Point Road, Verona, Wisconsin. The complex consists of two greenhouses that are each 40 by 100 feet and have a combined bench space of 4700 square feet. These greenhouses have strong evaporative cooling, powerful heating, computerized temperature control and modern metal-mesh benches.  A watering and fertilizing service is available from Monday to Friday for no charge.  These greenhouses do not have internal divisions - the greenhouse interior is of the open span type.  Distance to this facility is about 7 miles from the UW campus.  

The interior of one of the West Madison greenhouses, showing a long central path flanked by many rows of benches.   Steve Peckham, watering a bench of small tree seedlings at the West Madison greenhouse.

DC Smith Greenhouse is located at 465 Babcock Drive, Madison, Wisconsin. This greenhouse is primarily used for teaching and instruction.  More information on this greenhouse is available at http://dcsmithgreenhouse.cals.wisc.edu/

a front view of the greenhouse  entrance and atriuma view of a fountain and plant life in the greenhouse atrium